North Rocks Chiropractor Services

Looking for a North Rocks chiropractor who can help alleviate debilitating migraines, lower back pain issues and other musculoskeletal conditions that may be affecting your quality of life? Look nearby in Carlingford and you’ll find Back Space Chiropractic, led by principal chiropractor Dr Balraj Ougra. Dr Ougra delivers the highest standards of expertise and skill that enables him to provide treatment for a multitude of complaints, including back pain, neck pain, migraines, ligament sprains and more. At Back Space Chiropractic, we offer helpful chiropractic treatments that deliver relief from pain and help improve both your full range of motion and your quality of life.

Quality Services for People Needing a North Rocks Chiropractor

For locals requiring additional services from a chiropractor near North Rocks, Back Space Chiropractic offers a variety of complementary services that can benefit everyone from individuals and sports teams through to community groups, workplaces and more.

Book a consultation with us if you’re looking for:

  • Community health talks

  • Corporate wellness programs

  • Sports technique performance

No one should have to go through life with pain that can be treated. If you’re looking for a chiropractor near North Rocks, make an appointment with Back Space Chiropractic today.