Improve Your Performance with a Sports Chiropractor in Sydney

Whether you’re an athlete or sportsperson who competes at an elite level, or you simply enjoy getting out on the field on the weekend at the grass roots level, the desire to be as good as you can possibly be is inherent. The quest for peak sporting or athletic performance, at any level, requires the body to be able to withstand the rigours of the person’s chosen sporting activity. This typically means being injury-free or at the very least being able to appropriately manage any existing injury or pain. This is where a sports chiropractor can be invaluable to a sportsperson or athlete. If you’re looking to improve or maintain your sports performance and want the assistance of an expert sports chiropractor, make an appointment with Dr Balraj Ougra at Back Space Chiropractic.

What Does a Sports Chiropractor Do?

The specialist field of sports chiropractic has a concentrated focus on treating injuries and pain complaints of the joint or neuromusculoskeletal variety in athletes and sportspeople. The role of the sports chiropractor is to offer qualified care and treatment through management, rehabilitation and optimisation of sporting performance in order to alleviate or prevent pain or injury. This is largely achieved through traditional chiropractic techniques such as:

  • Manipulation

  • Mobilisation

  • Soft tissue therapies

  • Rehabilitation

  • Strapping and bracing

  • And other appropriate measures

A sports chiropractor might also offer treatment options such as electrotherapy as well as provide nutritional advice.

How Sports Chiropractor Dr Balraj Ougra Can Help You

Principal chiropractor at Back Space Chiropractic Dr Balraj Ougra is an expert sports chiropractor who has provided his wealth of expertise to a wide variety of sporting clubs and bodies throughout Sydney. He has worked with the Australian National Team, Volleyball NSW, the Australian Volleyball League and on the FIVB World Beach Volleyball tour, and has also played cricket, soccer and volleyball among many other athletic pursuits. He understands the needs that sportspeople and athletes have when it comes to managing lower back pain, neck pain, muscle strains, sprained ankles and shoulder pain, using a variety of safe and effective techniques to improve wellness and sporting performance.

If you need the expertise of a skilled and experienced sports chiropractor in North West Sydney, book an appointment at Back Space Chiropractic today.

Sports performance training is exercising with the specific goal of improving your effectiveness as an athlete in your particular sport. 

At Back Space Chiropractic we support you to achieve your specific goals by focusing on:

  1. Your Nervous System Function

  2. Injury management & prevention

  3. Technique critiquing.

  4. Sports Performance Advice

  5. Strength & Conditioning

Athletes we have worked with:

  • Powerlifters

  • Bodybuilders

  • Volleyball Athletes

  • Soccer Athletes

  • Cricket Athletes

  • Footy Athletes